Busking Jamboree / Auditions Competition


About Us

BWT is setting the trend and bringing busking into the mainstream via a digital platform. Our motto is to “show and be your talent.” – our mission is that every artist and artisan will have a presence on the national and global spectrum to show off their talent and crafts from their locality.

Our Philosophy

“Raw talent is a gem to shine.”

Beta Auditions
BWT is a digital entertainment stage that allows buskers to submit their audition videos and live streaming to a national audience during their beta audition competition.
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State/National Auditions
BWT is excited to bring to you State & National competitions involving buskers of all entertainment styles.
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Artists & artisians Studios
BWT is a hybrid platform of digital studios for artisans and artists to showcase their talents and skills in a global marketplace.
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Weekly Auditions
Our weekly performances will allow buskers to earn income and get recognized for their talent and hard work.
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What Sets Us Apart?

Buskers will have national exposure in collaboration with entertainment partners to enhance the evolution of their talent. Our performers can be part of a nationwide community of talented and gifted artists while remaining in their locality. Busking with Talent helps artists negate the hardships and burdens of building an audience and getting exposure to showcase their crafts.

BWT Busking Board

The board presents top-rated buskers nationwide. The artists are recognized and ranked according to how many “LIKES/VOTES” they receive via their auditions and BWT studios. The top-ranked buskers will have the opportunity to be live streamed on multiple networks in front of millions of viewers.

Artists' Digital Studios

BWT offers artists and artisans a digital marketplace with a plethora of features. The artists can sell their crafts through their boutique store, be ranked on our Busking Board, and get on our partners’ network channels